Favourite lens…

When I first bought a DSLR I purchased two lenses. One was a telephoto zoom, the other was a 50mm f1.4. On camera it became an 85mm – the perfect portrait length. It was my shots with this lens that got me a reputation as a photographer and the encouragement from that resulted in me gradually turning professional.

Having since got a professional standard full frame camera body, the 85mm became 50mm and I lost my favourite focal length. My 50mm has finally given up the ghost, and I’m replacing it with an 85mm.

It’s 2010, a new year and an opportunity to do things differently, and to look forward to things. I’m looking forward to getting my favourite lens back :)

I’ve included one of my favourite photos. Taken at the 100 Club – a prestigious Jazz Club in London – I caught these two dancers totally unaware and captured a wonderful moment. Here’s to 2010 and many more moments! Happy New Year!

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