Filling up the camera bag again…

I’m currently in the strange position of having only one lens in my camera bag. My 50mm is being returned in the hope that I’ll get a better focusing second copy, and all my Canon kit has gone off to be sold.  Feeling obviously insecure, the natural solution is to lens hunt.
One advantage of starting over with camera equipment is that you really know what you want in the bag.  I’ve gone for a fixed wide angle lens and one fixed 50mm lens.  The fixed 50mm on my back up camera is equivalent to an 80mm and with those two lenses I’ll happily photograph any wedding.  The one area I’ve always been lacking is a long lens for wildlife photos.  Years ago I had a 70-200, but that’s not really long enough.  So yesterday, after much hunting, I ordered the third lens for my camera bag, a Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6.
(thanks to DPReview for the image)
It will be lovely to have a long focal length lens back again.  I’ve always enjoyed watching wildlife, and now I’ll hopefully be able to get some images too!  To round off this blog I’ve included one of the first decent photos I ever took.  These two swans were total posers, and it was when I showed this shot to my parents that they perhaps got an inkling of what I might end up doing to earn a living.

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