A different perspective.

When you photograph a place or subject on a frequent basis, you can often find that you need a spark to get your creativity back.  My other half’s boss, who does a bit of photography, went to the lengths of going to another country to ‘get his photo mojo back’.  I’ve never had to go that far, but I often have to try and get a different perspective.  One way of a getting a different perspective is to photograph things close-up, or just photograph subjects you wouldn’t normally.

The following examples were the plants in someone’s garden and a wall of graffiti that I walk past nearly every day.  Shooting close up on the leaves as the light hit them on the other side creates vibrant colour, and a square crop makes the image a bit different.  For the second shot I noticed the light was catching the paint on the wall and changed my angle until I was happy I’d captured as much texture as I could.

How do you get a different perspective?

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