Adrian Ross – the “Didgeman”

While out in Kentucky I had the enormous pleasure of photographing and traveling with Adrian Ross, the world’s premiere didgeridoo player. Apart from being an incredible musician he’s got a wicked sense of humour and was a great guy to be with.

Adrian was joining Blue Flamingo Events on tour playing for the World Equestrian Games and as part the music I was lucky enough to witness the combining of top class London jazz musicians with the world’s best didgeridoo player for some jazz improvisation. Definitely a special moment. Here are a few shots of Adrian in action…


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  • Pat

    I have an acquaintance, David Blonski, who also plays the didgeridoo. Here’s a link to a YouTube video of him combining his own beat box sounds with his playing of the didge: . David’s older son and my youngest son went to school and university together, played in the school band toether and they are both electrical engineers, so we’ve known the Blonski family for many years.

    Adrian Ross might not approve of combining beat box sounds with the didgeridoo.

    These are both great photos. I especially like the second one with the puffy white clouds in the blue, blue sky.

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