iPhone photography

It’s always interesting to challenge perceptions…

The following shot  could have come from a good SLR. In fact it’s from my iPhone.



A good photo is all about the light. In the right conditions you can produce some amazing things from surprising equipment.

Earlier this year Lee Morris caused a massive stir with a fashion shoot he shot entirely on the iPhone. What was entertaining was that he didn’t tell anyone he’d used his phone until a few days after he’d posted the images online. Excellent lighting equipment and professional make-up and hair all played a big part in the shoot, but Lee Morris ruffled a few feathers.

I’m not for one minute about to ditch my Nikon D700 and lenses and shoot a wedding on the iPhone, but I’m certainly going to try and take a few more shots while I’m out and about…

(the above shot was edited using Photoshop Express for iPhone.)

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