digging through the archives – part three

I love accidentally coming across a favourite photograph from the past!

This week’s discovery was prompted by a visit to The 100 Club, London’s premier live music venue. I went along to watch Blue Flamingo play, always a great evening, and this time managed to get my jazz-mad brother along to hear them as well. I didn’t have a camera with me, but last year (when I went along for the first time) I was taking some photos for Blue Flamingo, and did…


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  • Charles, this is an absolutely WICKED picture. Maybe we could do something centered around taking pictures at a gig? (And maybe still a 2nd session on portraiture, if that wouldn’t be wearing my welcome too thin?) How on earth did you get such a picture in what must have been really low light?

    Great stuff and I will e-mail soon!

    :) A

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