Charing Cross

Here’s a photo taken just after my last portrait shoot. I had a few frames left on the film, so I hunted around for some street subjects, on the way to dropping the film off at my lab.

Sadly I had to shoot through a fence, but I love the story the image tells: There’s an initial sense of the woman’s isolation, but its completely broken as soon as you realise she’s on her mobile phone. The grand buildings rising above the just-moving train, combined with the blue sky, introduce a slower-paced nuance to the picture. In my mind’s eye the image is London on a summer day – still fast moving, but somehow slower, with time to chat to a friend on the phone and not worry about running to catch the train…

Image shot on a Nikon F80  with a 50mm f/1.4 AF-S lens. Kodak Porta 400 ISO film.

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