Preparing for a wedding.

It’s not an uncommon question be asked as a wedding photographer, but it’s one that I’ve found the best answer to is a gracious smile…

“It must be great working just one day week?”

The longer answer is that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation, not to mention the editing, album design and of course all the marketing and promotion that goes into being a photographer. For a few days before a wedding I’m usually surrounded by charging camera batteries, lenses that need cleaning and pieces of paper with scribbled notes of inspiration. The end result is a camera bag of ready gear, a document with a list of group photos, addresses and timings on it, and a head buzzing with ideas of how to use locations and light.

But the note-making and the lens cleaning is all worth it, because tomorrow I get to be there when Edward and Lizzie get married…and I’m taking the pictures.

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