Deconstructing images

I always find it interesting to take a step back from a photo and to find what makes it ‘work’ as an image. Here’s a shot from the Long Walk near Windsor Castle.

(Nikon V1 & 50mm Zeiss f/2 lens @ f/4, 1/320th and 100 ISO)

It’s shot with a long lens to ‘fore-shorten’ the view and look along the line of trees – the image wouldn’t have worked with a wider lens, I’d have had to move closer to the trees and the perspective would have been very different.

The tree line disappears into the top right hand third of the frame and the shadows from the trees run almost parallel to the narrow path that crosses the image. The shot is made interesting by the woman with her shopping, ideally I’d have taken it a few seconds earlier when she was perfectly on the right hand third of the image.

The light is key to the image, at sunset it has a lovely wrapping quality that casts deep shadows.

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