Photographing pigeons

Pigeons generally get bad press. Some people think of them as flying rats – grey sandwich thieves who steal from innocent toddlers – and I imagine most of us, when we were six, found chasing after a flock of them very entertaining.

We have a lot of pigeons in the centre of town, so I set out the other day (with the above in mind) in an attempt to take a flattering photo of one. Let me know if you think I succeeded…

(Nikon V1 & Zeiss 50mm f/2 lens)

I used a shallow depth of field to isolate the pigeon and hopefully give the bird a softer look. It was sunset – you can see the light reflected in the shop windows behind – and I positioned myself so the warm light was full on the subject, hoping to bring out the colours on the neck. What you can’t see is about seven other pigeons behind me, trying to find out if I’ve hidden any food in my pockets.

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