Destination wedding photographer

There are two halves to my style of fine art wedding photography: one half is using light and colour to create fine-art images that I hope have an artistic value outside of the confines of when they were taken, and the other is capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments that will bring a smile to the couple’s face every time they see their photos.

For those moments I am a documentary photographer, more journalist than artist, freezing a split-second in time. I’d like to share a moment in detail from my first experience as a destination wedding photographer, in France last year.

In the above shot there are lots of points of interest. It’s a classic ‘documentary’ moment – an image that has more layers the more you look at it. The bride and groom are out of shot to the left and the subjects almost all look towards them – I feel the viewer is very aware that they’re glimpsing a moment away from the main stage. There are lots of interesting individuals: old couples, a woman in sunglasses and on the right two friends greeting each other. It’s that greeting that makes the image and draws you in.

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