The details

Imagine a huge canvas painting hung in a gallery. The first thing that hits you is the scale, colour and form, but then the more you look, you start to see the little details that give the work depth. Telling the story of a wedding day through photographs is a bit like that.

As a Fine Art Wedding photographer I aim, as I say on my website, to “create art out of the moments, emotion, light and colour of your wedding”. Part of that work are details that add depth and tell their own story.

ASIDE – I know that talking about wedding photography as something of an art form can sound pretentious, just a way to hype up photographs. What I hope though, is that some of my photos from each wedding will be good enough to hang on a wall in their own right, not just because they’re wedding photos, but because of the light and composition. I hope as well that as a result they are more special to couple whose marriage they celebrate.

Adding details adds depth. Details on their own can’t be placed in context, and on their own weaken the story, but details as part of bigger picture can become those little extras that you find the more you look.

Here are a few details from Amy & Tom’s wedding

A bride’s wedding dress is chosen with such care and attention to detail that it would be wrong not to draw out that detail on her wedding day.

It’s late in the evening during the wedding reception and the owner of this pair of shoes, probably picked out of the wardrobe with a big smile, especially for the day, has finally given in to the fact that pretty shoes are generally not comfortable, and discarded them on one of the chairs.

I like the details…

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