Choosing a wedding photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer isn’t as simple as finding someone you like, or someone at the right price. Once you have decided on your wedding photography budget, you will need to  decide on the style of photography you would like: documentary, fine-art, fashion, or a mixture of styles. Then, look at the portfolios of several photographers and choose a photographer who you get on with and whose personal style is one you love.

I am a fine-art wedding photographer, but my own style is unique and it is that, I hope, that is the main reason my clients book me.  My vision is to create art out of the moments, emotion, light and colour of your wedding – timeless images that will take you back to each moment. That vision, combined with the way I use the camera technically and my editing style, results in my own personal style. Here’s one…

It can be difficult to easily describe different photographers’ styles, but I’ve got a wonderful example to show you, courtesy of three top wedding photographers…

Otto Schulze, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person, invited Erik Clausen and Fer Juaristi to join him to photograph an Indian wedding in California. The images are fascinating – three photographers, each bringing their own unique style to one wedding day. The differences in style are entirely down to the way the three men shoot, and the way they edit images.

You can see Otto’s images here, Erik’s here and Fer’s here. I’d love to know which style catches your eye the most, and why.


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